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Very true stuff and Bonhoeffer just rocks... especially Ethics, which I think is particulary useful in trying to figure out the roles of government and church from a Biblical perspective.


Well written. Great thoughts. I really appreciate your stance on this.


Ric Booth

Your 3rd paragraph with Kellar's quote sums up my ambivalence toward politics. "The North American 'idol'--radical individualism--lies beneath both ideologies." -- wow. I'm going to have to check out his book. thanks.


You managed to say what I have been thinking only in a better fashion. Thanks.

Chad  Jarnagin

interesting my friend. we could probably have a lengthy convo on this over coffee...

hope you guys are all great!

Michael Courtney

There is a place for Christian involvement in politics as we follow Christ's command to disciple our nation (Mt 28:19). Indeed, Godly people have a long history of political involvement. The priest Jehoida organized a palace coup, replacing queen Ataliah with Joash on the throne (2 Ki 11). The prophet Elisha sent a man to anoint commander Jehu to overthrow Ahab's house and rule Israel (2 Ki 9). John the Baptist rebuked King Herod for violating the sexual prohibitions of Leviticus 18.

It may sound erudite to attempt to place all political positions on an equally unspiritual footing. However, just as good spiritual counsel to a marriage asks which positions are more faithful to the marriage covenant which created the union, good spiritual counsel to a nation asks which positions are more faithful to the Constitution, which is the national covenant creating our union. The government overreaching the authority granted by the Constitution is somewhat analagous to the husband overreaching his proper authority.

Furthermore, in discipling nations, Christians should realize that the sins of sexual immorality and child sacrifice prohibited in Leviticus 18 have have consequences beyond the individual sinner and can bring judgement on the nation as a whole. When gentiles are rebuked, disciplined, or judged in the Old Testament, it is most often for bloodguilt and sexual immorality.

The pre-incarnate Jesus is the same as YHWH in the Old Testament (Jn 1, Ro 10). We have a false Jesus if we deny that the pre-incarnate Jesus gave the commands of Leviticus 18, rained burning sulfur on Sodom, and was in full agreement with every public policy command and political decision given by YHWH in the Old Testament. Likewise, we have changed Christ's great commission if we only disciple individuals when we've been commanded to disciple nations.


i subscribe to your last statement. i do also believe that little things are the one that make the difference, and if you put some love into them, much higher odds to change things in a better way.

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