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Solvej Allen

I am a lady who copastors with my husband and here I am, up surfing the Internet in the middle of the night after having preached this afternoon. I always get the post-preaching blues and googled the term, so I stumbled upon your priceless gem "Monday preacher's blues", I would love to hear you sing it!

My husband works full time at a secular job and also does the lion’s share of the preaching, but once every five weeks I preach, and I think preaching is a lot like giving birth (having birthed four flesh-and-blood children). Metaphorically speaking, I am up checking “Does it have all its fingers and toes, is it breathing, am I even cut out for motherhood?” Yes, here I am again, thinking how I should have stuck closer to my notes and not left out important bits like I did, how perhaps it was too much how I shared my weaknesses, making myself so vulnerable talking about my shortcomings to the flock.

But then again, Jonah felt like this with his plant that withered and Elijah felt like this after defeating the prophets of Baal so at least I am in good company.

Read about our church plant in Denmark at www.prayfordenmark.com

and thanks for that song, nuthin like the saving grace of humour to put the blues in perspective!

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